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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. (vo) so we gave him a weekly show. >> thank you.
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[ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . >> stephanie: mm-hmm, okay, all ♪ oh, okay so you're -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ that don't impress me much, oh, yeah ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. lisa in wisconsin you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, lis. >> caller: hi, i'm an ex-tea
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partier. >> oh, my goodness. >> stephanie: wow. >> i still have to watch fox. it's kind of like a train wreck. >> stephanie: welcome back to the light. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> i got kicked out of my tea party neighborhood guild, and it's just bad when you have any new ideas, and you have to believe in war, and i don't think it's right for romney to say, you know, we need to be more assertive and go to war everywhere. >> stephanie: yeah. i don't think they -- they don't know how to take back the sort of -- that stance, that -- you know the republicans are always the ones that are tougher on security, because the president has been fantastic on foreign
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policy. >> caller: they were trying to like brainwash me and that was another reason i had to get out. it was just getting too cultish. and i know why mitt romney hates big bird. >> stephanie: why is that? >> caller: because when he sees big bird he sees socialism, and in romney's head education is more of a brainwashing method. >> stephanie: interesting. >> caller: you have to say to -- your talking points and believe in this -- >> stephanie: listen, you got out of the tea party and katie holmes got out of that marriage congratulations to both of you [ applause ] >> caller: i am trying to get my friends out.
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>> stephanie: ah. >> caller: you didn't bring sup nancy pelosi. they hate her. and they love that girl -- mischel malkin. >> you can't carry on a serious conversation now. >> caller: i have to pretend i still hate democrats. the more education you get, and the moore democrats people talk to, they won't believe the lies. and it is just like my friends that are stuck in the compound. >> stephanie: in the compound. >> those are all lies from the pit of hell. >> oh yeah. there's that. >> the house committee. >> stephanie: hang on, i'm getting it. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> and he is the head of the committee on science.
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>> stephanie: yeah, you sometimes think it's an onion headline. brown respect of georgia. all of the stuff i was taught about evolution, the big bang is theory, all of that is lies straight from the pit of hell and it's lies to try to keep me and all of the folks that were taught right by thinking they need a savior. this is the man in 2007 who said he didn't believe president obama is an american citizen. and i bet he is a job truther as well. >> yeah, they would have quotation marks around science. >> stephanie: yeah. david, good morning. >> caller: i saw something great
6:28 am
the other day on randi rhodes one of her things on facebook. hey, mitt today's sesame street is brought to you by the number 7.8. [ laughter ] >> caller: if we're going to massage the numbers, why don't make it 5.5. >> great point. >> caller: thank you. >> stephanie: the number 7.8, brought to you by the letters f u. rude pundit has some great stuff on all of this as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ p in congress. it won't do anything for the budget. he just wanted to strip their collective bargaining rights.
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(vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll talk to tyne daly. she won the prestigious rush limbaugh's worst nightmare award. i don't think you knew that.
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> relax. this is just temporary. like lesbianism at women's colleges. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: this is the >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> well, i'm in no position to judge, i once did a guy for a tank of gas. >> stephanie: yeah, well now in california that puts you in morally good character. >> you were siphoning. >> oh, yeah. >> stephanie: i had never seen that sign at a gas station. it said long hoses only.
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[ giggling ] >> stephanie: i don't know. it's monday you know what that means. ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, rudeness. >> perfect lead in. >> stephanie: exactly i was trying to be rude to make him feel at home. >> i always feel warm nestled in your arms. >> stephanie: the president you said he [ censor bleep ] hard. however, you say if republican mitt romney had an actual plan, last night would have been a game changer. while he doesn't he put on a good show. >> yeah, and unfortunately we live in a country where putting on a good show is what people primarily need to do.
6:35 am
>> stephanie: yeah i'm wondering don't you think it certainly helps that it has been so thoroughly fact checked in the meantime and the president has some up with the zingers the day after? >> yeah, that made it that such sadder. i'm trying to see if i can find a happy clappy thought. >> stephanie: you can do it. [ applause ] >> the gallup poll that just came out, that showed now the race is tied i know that is just an effect of the whole debate, and that might pass, but it was pretty gruesome when he flubbed up the whole anniversary wish to michelle i just thought this is going to go badly. >> stephanie: right. except i think the president obviously is ready now. we just went in the first
6:36 am
segment and documents almost all of his major positions are exactly the opposite of the truth. >> yeah, unfortunately i think people pay more attention to the performance than the subsequent fact checking. >> oh, yeah, romney not only lied, but the lyed when the called obama a liar. >> stephanie: i know. >> it's a complaint that all of us have had repeatedly with the obama administration. for health care reform why weren't you fighting for it and selling it so everybody gets on your side. fdr was out there all the time talking about what was being done for americans, and in very clear language. and when romney -- a couple of times just called him flat out a liar and obama didn't respond it
6:37 am
was really demoralizing. >> stephanie: yeah, i think rude we talked about this in the aftermath. the incumbent always had a bit of a handicap but i think he was trying to remain above the fray. >> that's one of the lies that republicans tell really well. oh, independent voters they don't want the politicians to attack each other. they want to hear real substantive answers on the issues. oh, bs. and republicans are repeating that talking point while shiving the democrats the whole time.
6:38 am
>> stephanie: yeah, what you said about health care, i have to say rude i have never seen a president up against this wall of obstructionism. so i think he did talk about the health care. there was a whole piece about it -- i was reading yesterday about what lengths they went to get elizabeth snow's support. this is a par they had made up their mind to obstruct him no matter what. >> i think he could have especially prior to the midterms in 2010. this is all capped in hindsight crap, but prior to the 2010 elections, he could have laid out a clear compelling case for health care. and he gets bogged down in the details, and even though romney
6:39 am
lied repeatedly and sounded like a doefer on crack, he was just intense and focused on the attack. and what is also funny about the spread between people that thought romney won versus people who thought obama won is i also think democrats are more likely to admit, yeah, okay. our guy won, than during kerry -- when bush got crushed. i don't think a lot more republicans are going to cling to their -- their good. >> stephanie: that's a good example, and i have seen others this weekend and look at how that turned out. so i don't think it means that it is over. >> no, no. i have not changed my opinion that obama is still going to win the election. i don't think it is that much of
6:40 am
a game changer, but i want it to be a big crushing victory. i want it to be something where obama cannot be denied the mandate going in where republicans at some point just look absurd constantly blocking things. >> stephanie: and we'll see if people were right about the rope a dope. >> oh that is so hopeful. i love clinging to that lifeboat right there. >> stephanie: i know. [ laughter ] >> the thing i wanted him to do was put away romney so that -- and if he had thrown a few good jabs and taken romney down. if he would have called him out even like romney said the thing about sending jobs overseas romney said i have been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are
6:41 am
talking about, maybe i need a new accountant. i wanted him to say oh so you would have taken that deduction. and obama could have turned to help out the people running for senate and house. >> stephanie: all right. could have should have would have -- >> i know. >> next week's format is townhall and obama really shines in that format. >> stephanie: my favorite post of rude this week is entitled simply "paul ryan is a little bitch." >> isn't that wonderful edsy. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: you wrote paul ryan appeared on fox, quote, unquote, news ryan was there because at in point in the
6:42 am
election cycle, romney's job is to be the little bitch. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he's true. he is a little high pitched already, isn't he? >> he is. and that's what is going to be fun. i hope they release the biden on on thursday night. just tell him, you know what joe, just take this punk down. >> stephanie: yeah. >> that would be beautiful. the delicate work that biden did on sarah palin back in 2008 was beautiful. he was like some kind of master with a razor, and so -- but he doesn't -- then there was the fear of saying something that could be interpreted as sexist or something like that. >> stephanie: right. >> now just punch him in the
6:43 am
crotch repeatedly. make him pee blood we'll say rear toicly. >> stephanie: rudeness. thank you, honey. we'll see you after the vice president debate. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: corey in minnesota, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: oh it is so great to be an hon their member of the sexy liberal club. >> stephanie: thank you. [ bell chimes ] >> caller: if you want to say mitt romney was a gofer on crack, when you see joe biden this thursday you are going to see a wolverine on crack.
6:44 am
>> stephanie: i think little eddy is in over his widow's peak. >> caller: absolutely. i'm just going to concur with what you said about paul ryan's role now and everything like that. but getting on further to the president debates, the townhall debate, iing don't need to rehash it that is obama's moment. >> stephanie: and when you say ben, you mean chris? >> caller: excuse me? >> stephanie: i think you said like ben said? >> caller: no, i said when romney comes out at the -- at the bred and butter debate which is the townhall meeting, obama is going to shine whereas romney is going to be his robot
6:45 am
syborg self. >> stephanie: all right. he was concurring with you ben. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time call now. 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's& what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: it is the -- i'm
6:50 am
panting in anticipation of right-wing world with eric boehlert. >> oh i know, right. and then next hour we have chris kluwe who is a punter. >> stephanie: yeah he is awesome. and actress melissa fitzgerald live in studio in hour number 3. let's go to charlene in milwaukee. hi, charlene. >> caller: hi, how are you doing, good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. i went up to the rally after the debate, all 35,000 of us, and the consensus with the baby boomers, that i was with i think obama already knew about of the consistency of the lies
6:51 am
once romney started backtracking, i think obama -- yes, he got caught but i thing was a person can say everything but he is not going to tell you anything. so he was relegated to allowing romney to take the stage and blurt out all of the lies and retractions. he might get a bounce, but he is not going to win the race because everybody knew by allowing him to be rhetorical they were able to see for themselves without obama having to say it that this guy is flip flopping and doing exactly what former speaker gingrich said. he will say anything depending on the audience to get what he needs. >> yes, there he was he essentially flip flopped on
6:52 am
every single position. >> there is a review on the debate i saw, romney seemed no be on the defensive, and shifted rapidly, and looked like he was about to tear up doing his closing remarks. >> stephanie: yeah. i think there was a little piling on on the part of pundits. i don't think it was has bad as people -- it wasn'tn't a reason for chris matthews to strike out -- >> it wasn't the president's best performance -- >> it was the worst debate ever! it is the end of the world! >> stephanie: he was on bill maher a couple of weeks ago and bill maher told him to cam down
6:53 am
and he goes this is calm! let's go to marilyn? hey, marilyn. oh, dear. the president talking about the jobs numbers. >> obama: today's news should give us some encouragement. it shouldn't be an excuse for the other side to try to talk down the economy. >> stephanie: and here is mitt romney. >> romney: when i'm president of the united states -- [ cheers and applause ] >> romney: that unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the work force but because we're creating for jobs -- >> in china. >> -- and get america working again. >> stephanie: the first part of that once again was a lie. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: just saying. okay.
6:54 am
helen in fairfax, virginia. welcome. >> caller: did you get a chance to see george step november louse? >> stephanie: no. >> mary -- every time she started to speak to him she always ended up saying professor, dr. krugman. and i wondered if it was a way to put down people are a lot of education. >> you aren't the boss of me. >> when is it pejorative to call
6:55 am
a person a professor. >> stephanie: yeah. welcome on are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: they have talked about education during the debate. and he would take the federal idea and send the title one funds and send it to the poor so they could choose where their child goes to school. first of all that is already in title 1. when i was at a state level when no child left behind past that is not working. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: and that has not been challenged yet by the democratic party, and it's actually in -- romney mentioned it at the
6:56 am
dnc convention as one of his major five points and it is not working, and it's not a reform. >> stephanie: yeah and the president did make than point that -- he is like suddenly he loves teachers and can't get enough of them? that was -- you had to give -- romney credit i guess for the brazenness of the lying. you can go to his website and see he wants to cut education funding. then he was for regulation? no he's not. he said this is the biggest give away to the banks ever. all of the wall street people who gave him money were probably like what? [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ]
6:57 am
>> stephanie: let's go to jay in atlanta. >> caller: hello stephanie. i have a comment about mitt romney and his weird science while he is standing up there lying, what barack should have said to him, pointing out lies that he was telling by -- you know, by dates that he has spoke in public like in 2007 he was for abortion and now he's against it. >> stephanie: right. exactly. yeah, i think he should take it to him on every single one of his flip flops. speaking of take it too him. eric boehlert of media matters, joins us next on the "stephanie
6:58 am
miller show" "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> stephanie: hello, current tv. this love letter from ken, jacki. >> yes. >> stephanie: steph i have to shout out to jacki schechner, really funny smart. and she is so damn hot, i have almost as many inappropriate thoughts about her as i do about
6:59 am
you steph. >> so you still win. >> keep that woman around. and i have a idea about her a hairpin and a feather. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: oh, boy. >> good morning, it is noble prize week and today's award in the area of physiology and medicine go to two men a british and japanese researcher. they each discovered 40 years apart what it takes to make reprogrammable cells meaning every cell in the human body can reset to be a different kind of
7:00 am
cell. the president has been talking about training 100,000 more math and science teachers over the next ten years with the goal of improving science, technology education, and math. the pro obama super pac is out with a knew ad today. it says are creative and resilient. >> if you take away early childhood education slash k-through 12 funds, and cut college aid for middle class families, they won't go far. >> romney has said he wants to cut the department of education spending or combine it with another foreign agency. a new look at a ppp poll in the
7:01 am
state shows that romney's debate performance actually did improve his likability. 52% of virginia voters like him now. but the president still leads by three points in the state. we're back after the break. prestigious rush limbaugh's worst nightmare award. i don't think you knew that.
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the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go! it's go time. what time is it rob?
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oh, then it's go. go. go. go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time! [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walking on sunshine i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ >> stephanie: yee-haw, it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. minnesota vikings punter chris kluwe, calling in this hour.
7:05 am
he is so hot. he is a fierce supporter of the gay community. and melissa fitzgerald hot actress will be here with her shirt on. >> oh. >> stephanie: she an actor-vist. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: all right. tickets going fast for october 27th in new york. >> did you just drool on yourself? >> stephanie: i did. >> you can't hide that from the tv cameras. >> stephanie: i spit when i get excited. you know who else makes my spit. eric boehlert. >> announcer: eric boehlert -- ♪ make it hurt so good ♪ >> stephanie: eric boehlert from
7:06 am
media matters whom we love. that's why he only does it on the phone because he knows i would get overexcited and spital on him good morning, eric. >> good morning. >> stephanie: "wall street journal" loves the crowd of 30,000 that obama on the same day in wisconsin. and he had 40,000 in denver. but the "wall street journal" on friday and saturday was very anxious to push this romney jolt. but the one clear piece of evidence they could point to is romney drew 10,000 people in virginia on the same day that obama drew about 40,000. >> stephanie: right. >> the debate has definitely given the press an opening. >> stephanie: yeah, you have said everyone hyperventilated
7:07 am
about how this debate changes everything. you might want to check in with john kerry if it really does. >> we have been on the other side of this fence. when the other guy had a convention, and then the first debate, the incumbent shows up doesn't do that well, and all of the kerry supporters said aha, this changes everything and the polls did tighten, and we thought we had it in the bag. i can't remember a presidential campaign which is this enormous titanic -- oops enormous ship -- it's hard to turn those on a single debate, and i don't think this one is going to be
7:08 am
either. you can't move a steam ship like that. >> stephanie: as you point out, obama raised $150 million in september. it has been an awful 24 hours for him. as we talked about before it seems like the main thing the punditry is a horse race. >> exactly. none of the swing states matterer, none -- the final debate is really open to question or anything like that but now they can revive this -- you know it's tied. you remember that all through august and september, it's tied. well, it wasn't really tied, but yes, this has obviously given them a chance to do that. i'm not going to embrace some
7:09 am
sort of denial conspiracy theory. >> stephanie: i was just going to say we have job truthers on the other side now. you said i wonder how much jack welsh made off of the market in three years. i mean this really is incredible, the number of people that would have to be involved in this conspiracy to cook the jobs numbers. >> yeah, the liberal conspiracy -- i mean these are the same sort of hippy progressives who can't organize you know, a conference call. >> liberals don't do conspiracies. >> they are orchestrated this stealth, you know, stunning conspiracy, and if all obama had to do was bully the bureau of
7:10 am
labor statistics why didn't it do is it back when unemployment ran up to over 10%. last week was the final fumes of the polling truthers and then we went in to race baiting, and then we had this jobs truthers bush. this to me is a collective nervous breakdown that we're watching it on a national cable television channel that we have never seen before. >> stephanie: let's dive into that. sean hannity. >> it appears that the obama administration all theed for political game the monthly jobs report. the labor department has announced that the unemployment magically dropped to 7.8%.
7:11 am
the number of people that found jobs registered at more than 800,000, and wouldn't you know it? that is one of the biggest jumps in five years. >> stephanie: wow. >> wow! >> stephanie: he just reported that like it was news. >> and i love the magically statistics are magic at fox news. economic analysis is magic. no one is sure how these numbers are tabulated. it's all magic. and fox is the worse but the one that really infuriated me was cnbs which is supposed to be this serious business news channel, they had an anchor on and it was basically badgering a cabinet member with half-baked conspiracy here thatries about
7:12 am
job numbers. how many hundreds and hundreds of months has cnbc reported the jobs numbers and never ever ever questioned the validity of them. but on the one day that the right-wing decided statistics are magic -- >> stephanie: yeah, you see exactly how it happens. jack welsh says it then suddenly now it is the truth. >> and gretchen carlson reports it the next morning as complete and utter fact. >> yeah. cnbc was the same way. lots of people are reporting this -- it's like four people.
7:13 am
>> stephanie: and if you are going to report the facts, say four crazy people say. >> exactly. >> stephanie: ann coulter. >> the media has never been so in tank for a president. >> stephanie: wow, this is just going to be the whole theme isn't it? >> it really is. this is amazing. every four years the presidential campaign, one side is losing or trailing and frustrated, but every four year we have never seen a collective media movement make as much stuff up as possible on the fly. all polls is fake and the jobs numbers are fake. >> oh that's right. they said they made up the wrong
7:14 am
poll numbers. >> yeah, even rasmussen they were giving a hard time. now in wake of the debate, the polls with tightening and all of the people who said all of these polls are rigged are all tweeting the results -- >> stephanie: yeah. kimberly gillfoil. >> okay. flunk the debate fudge the numbers. >> wow. is that journalism? >> on the five, yes. >> mccain ran in 2008 and we all remember the acorn nonsense that was truly unbelievable conspiracy, but i think the mccain campaign did its best to put a clamp on that but as we talked about before, the roles
7:15 am
are flipped. fox news is running this campaign, and the romney campaign follows its lead. i'm not saying the romney campaign is running these. but unemployment numbers are fake. >> stephanie: i know. >> you embrace this crazy lunacy -- >> stephanie: and romney knows he doesn't have to do it because fox news will do it for him. >> yeah, but again, i can't imagine this will do him any favors. what is he going to do? he can't tell fox news to grow up. they are what they are, and they are in full-throated nervous break down territory. >> stephanie: absolutely. eric boehlert remains in the side car, we'll be right back
7:16 am
with more right-wing world on the "stephanie miller show." >> i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow.
7:19 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ get this party started right ♪ ♪ get the party started quickly, right ♪ >> stephanie: set it up on the left y'all. set it up on the right y'all. >> stephanie: yeah, had a microphone malfunction. eric boehlert rejoins us.
7:20 am
andrea tantarros. >> was there anything you heard mitt romney lie about? >> no, he had the facts on his side. and again, if he was lying, why wouldn't the president point it out. is a campaign that is really struggling, because they know that their candidate was embarrassed across the country. >> there were five big lies in romney's -- >> yeah. >> and the medicare just being among them. but she made a point that a lot of the press was guilty of doing, saying obama never corrected him. he spent much of the debate doing that. people might say he did it incorrectively. but let's not pretend that obama
7:21 am
stood there and heard lie after lie and didn't do anything. he did, and did it repeatedly. >> stephanie: it was just such an unmitigated barrage of bull [ censor bleep ]. >> that may be but that's what debate prep is for so you are not caught off guard. >> but there was definitely a media narrative. but i also saw in the main stream, obama never called out the lies and he did. let's not pretend that obama couldn't figure out that romny had shifted his positions. >> stephanie: rick santorum. >> [ inaudible ] voted to kill big bird in the past. sorry a record there that i have to disclose.
7:22 am
that doesn't mean i don't like big bird. you can kill things and still like them. maybe to eat them i don't know. >> stephanie: so he would eat big bird. >> yeah, a national debate about the policies before our country, romney picks out one of like two or three things that american love the government spending on one is the military b is public broadcasting, and it represents like .001%. >> but ending the bush tax cuts that's -- >> stephanie: yeah. and we end with rush. >> biden says we want to let the tax cut expire. see you are supposed to be
7:23 am
satisfied that the increased tax payments from the rich go to government. that's supposed to make you happy. when i hear stuff like that it's like how can anybody has an iq over that of a pencil eraser. >> stephanie: wow. i think the vast majority of the american people think we shouldn't have tax cuts for the rich, right? >> yeah and limbaugh's complete inability to understand how joe biden might be reelected again, or barack obama, we see this over and over again, just cannot understand incomprehensible, because they have been listening to the rhetoric for the last couple of years. and here they are, three or four weeks away.
7:24 am
so they can't figure it out, and that goes back to the jobs conspiracy, polling conspiracy digging up videos from five years ago. these are all dilutional break-downkind of ways. they are trying to understand what is happening. because they don't understand what is happening. they don't engage in american politics anymore, because they are in their bubble four years at a time. >> stephanie: yep. great stuff. all right, eric boehlert see you next week. >> bye-bye. [ applause ] >> how does he do that >> stephanie: he just cannot wait to get off of the phone with me. lisa in houston go ahead. >> caller: i want to say something about the president's debate. i just want to tell those people who freaking out, because they feel he didn't win the debate
7:25 am
does that mean everything he did goes away? >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: and can somebody research -- that video has a [ inaudible ] at the table asking mitt romney if something was to happen like two helicopters crashed, like they did with jimmy carter is that something you could use? and he said definitely that's something i would take advantage. why haven't people played that more? >> stephanie: right. >> when he is talking about what is going on in the middle east. >> stephanie: that's right. mitt romney would say or do anything to be president. that's the only thing he actually cares about. let's go to marilyn in dallas. >> caller: hello. here is my thing, a lot of
7:26 am
people are beating down president obama about the debate, but my thing is this i'm amazed that he held back like he did. he kept holding back every time that mitt romney said something he knew was a lie, and it was amazing to me because a lot of the commentators on msnbc, and all of there, they were just dumbfounded, because they believe that president obama should come out as president obama gangster. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and he didn't. he held back and the crazy part is all before the debate they were saying like let mitt be mitt. and that's what he did. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. 24 minutes after the hour. minnesota vikings punter chris kluwe next on the "stephanie
7:27 am
miller show." ♪ (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll talk to tyne daly. she won the prestigious rush limbaugh's worst nightmare award. i don't think you knew that.
7:28 am
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
7:31 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> they sit around in their underwear and fornicating in the stairwell. >> sounds like fun to me. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> obama: change has come to america! >> stephanie: uh-huh. fired up. ready to go. forward. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. it's not every day i come into work and there is a picture of a very attractive shirtless man. i just went from gay to questioning once again. chris kluwe is the minnesota vikings punter. and he joining us now. good morning, chris. >> good morning, how is it going
7:32 am
>> stephanie: i'm good. i was gay before i saw your picture, and i now i don't know. tell us about this letter. >> basically i was reading football [ inaudible ] trying to catch up with the latest news in the league and i saw that elliot burns wrote this letter pretty much saying you need to stop talking because i say so. so i thought that's a very clear violation of the first amendment. and so i wrote him a letter back about why you can't do that and by the way you are completely wrong on your thoughts on same-sex marriage. >> stephanie: views like yours are soing important especially in this macho world of the nfl
7:33 am
football. >> yeah, and there are other guys in the league and we can make a difference to show it's okay to have your own sexuality, because at the end of the day on the football field, all that matters is can you win on the football field. >> stephanie: you wrote i can assure you gay people getting married will have zero effect on your love, they won't still your children or turn you into a illustrious [ censor bleep ] monster. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the civil rights struggles of the last two years mean absolutely nothing to you. this letter is so funny. >> yet so intelligent. >> yeah i try to juxtapose this idea that this is a logic call and reasoned argument, and at
7:34 am
the same time i'm throwing some funny words in it. then you can go oh yeah, that is the letter that had sparkle pony in it. >> stephanie: you are blowing up a lot of stereo types, including the dumb jock, aren't you. [ laughter ] >> i have always tried to be a bit of a [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: she i'll have to look that word up. your stance -- i can't pronounce him name >> imbidacio -- >> stephanie: there you go. are going to have real important consequences. >> yeah, and i think one of the things to remember is -- especially for minnesota even if we defeat the amendment
7:35 am
here it still won't make gay marriage legal. and hopefully we can get that changed at a future point, but we're fighting for our children to be able to make have their own voice. >> stephanie: you say it so well in here. somebody canned you how do you want to start talking about. you said it's all about the golden rule treat other people like you want to be treated. >> exactly. to me it boils down to would i want someone else telling me i can or can't get married? and the answer is no. i want to be free to live my own life. why can't i treat other people the same way. >> stephanie: and i think i speak on behalf of many of my straight girlfriends, are you in fact married? >> yes, i am i have happily
7:36 am
married to my wife and we have two young daughters. >> stephanie: what was your evolution? >> i think it was part of the process of maturing. growing as a human being and realizes there are other people out there who may not be the same as me and that's fine. being a human being is about living your own life and being who you are. and there's no reason to use gay slurs against someone, because your sexually is who you are. as people grow and sort of learn, hopefully they recognize that. >> stephanie: what has been the reaction in the nfl? >> it has been good so far. i have had a lot of very fruitful conversations with teammates. a lot of them said we appreciate what you said from a first
7:37 am
amendment right and then i have had quite a few guys come up and say you are absolutely right about all of it. >> stephanie: how did you get so kicked smart, can i ask? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: your twitter feed you asked for reading suggestions and somebody suggested [ inaudible ] and like five hours later you did a review. >> first i worked as a janitor at the a harvard school -- no i just have been able to read really fast and the thing with books you are learn so much about what other people think is important and how people view the world. >> so you are a natural speed reader like president kennedy was. >> yeah, i can usually finish a
7:38 am
300-page book in about three hours. >> stephanie: you never know when you are going to have to go punt. >> exactly. i'm happy iing found his readings now rather than when i was younger. but it's a great look at the human race and how great and utterly messed up we can be. you talk about the fire bombing of dresden, and we did that. and at the same time we save people. we help the poor and sick. and i think it's incumbent on all of us to choose the brighter path. >> stephanie: yeah, absolutely. chris, i only came out a couple of years ago, and always because
7:39 am
i have always been a very private person, but i talk about politics every day, and that is the biggest thing in polling is when you know somebody and now when it's your favorite nfl punter that is a marriage equality advocate. and chely wright pointed out to that it is important that those of us who can hide don't. >> yeah, gay people are just like everyone else. we're all human beings at the end of the day. we all put on our pants, you know, one leg at a time eat food, and have basic biological functions. it doesn't change who you are because of your sexuality. you should judge someone based on their action and thoughts and
7:40 am
words and what they show you that they are. >> stephanie: let me just say most people that i say that have talked about you want to take your pants off one leg at a time. >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] >> again, they will probably have to fight off my wife. >> stephanie: exactly. >> yes. >> stephanie: how long have you been married? >> i think we're going on eight years now. >> stephanie: have gotten to know ted olson a little bit out here in california and he just believes in marriage and think i that's why he is such a strong advocate for marriage equality too. >> yeah, and that's one of the things that gets me about -- that it's for the children -- you should oppose this because it's for the children. and to me it just doesn't make sense because if you want
7:41 am
children to grow up strong in a stable household, denying same-sex couples the same benefits others get that is not right. >> stephanie: i dated ufc football player in college, and now here i am [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: in politically in love with another one. >> stephanie: if i find somebody to marry i want you to give me away and punt the bouquet how does that sound? >> oh. >> you have got straight from gay to -- you skipped right over questioning. >> just saying. what is not hot about that? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour.
7:42 am
right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: highbrow lowbrow, unibrow. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ think i would vote for him again if that does come to fruition. >> stephanie: dave, thank you. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct. build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here, find someone who can build a futuristic dash board display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've ever seen. get him to explain exactly what that is. the thin film transistor display... [ male announcer ] mmm, maybe
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>>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk! the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy.
7:46 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ pump up the volume, pump up the volume, dance, dance ♪ >> stephanie: um um, um. i have the vapors from talking to chris kluwe. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: my football player flashback. >> and i only gave you one of the pictures. >> stephanie: all right. then. 49 minutes after the hour.
7:47 am
1-800-steph-1-2. >> if people want to see him, i linked that article on your facebook page. >> stephanie: i highly recommend it. >> he is so smart, and funny, and smart, and just such a good person to have on our side. >> stephanie: and handsome and romantic. >> and a jock. >> wow. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: even rude pundit saying the president is going to win, one of the things we have been concerned about is voter suppression yadda, yadda. the election is under investigation for denies constitutional rights. coupling sent a letter warning that the ohio branch of the
7:48 am
group is threatening to throw out thousands of people off of the rolling maybe violating the law. the previous attempts have been killed in the courts, and in many cases judges have ruled that minorities would be affected by these rules. >> and 19 states are calling off exit polls. >> stephanie: oh, really? >> yeah. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: a federal appeals court returning a measure that limited military people voting from overseas. i think that's all good news. and speaking of more good news from ohio.
7:49 am
[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: our friend sharon brown is up by 5 points over josh mendel who is apparently going mental. >> oh, that is just the best. >> stephanie: he said a video tracker made an initial physical contact with me in a public elevator, offering an explanation not supported by eyewitness accounts. he got in a little -- i don't know scuffle or something in an elevator. he grabbed a monopods held by a political action committee, and ultimately boarded the same elevator. so, yeah his -- his story is not matching up. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he went mental in an elevator. >> just all mental i must say.
7:50 am
>> in fatal attraction she went mental in the kitchen. >> stephanie: right. >> in the elevator they just had dirty, nasty -- >> stephanie: that's the best kind. as jim ward always says crazy in the head crazy in bed. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: jerry in chicago. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jerry. >> caller: hey steph how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. >> great to talk to you. >> stephanie: you too. >> caller: i am so happy to see you on tv and love your radio show, i have listened to you since 2007. we have a saying in chicago about what is going on with these reasoning before the debating -- you know, and after the debate and we call it
7:51 am
e-n-u-n-b. and that's evil nasty unintelligent bullies. bullies don't frighten us. we know the president is going to win this election. >> stephanie: yep. there were 6,000 of us telling the president we had his back last night. >> caller: that was beautiful. in that was beautiful. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: but ann colter said our blacks are better than your blacks. i'm saying that our camp -- we say our camp is better than your camp. meaning we have intelligent individuals when we come to pundits like miller and other people, and they have people like rush limbaugh okay? in comparison -- >> stephanie: let me say, unequivocally, jerry, our blacks
7:52 am
are better than their blacks. [ applause ] >> really, steph? >> stephanie: she started it, ann coulter. jim, reince preibus -- >> reince preibus >> stephanie: here is an interesting report. >> america still needs jobs yet the president's proposal would mean fewer jobs. [ whining ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: he has the most annoying sound in the world. >> it is. >> stephanie: by the way there is another big fat stinky lie,
7:53 am
the number of americans out of work -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: what did he say, 23 something, 30 million? it's 12.5 million. >> that lie is still steaming it is so freshly pulled from his ass. >> stephanie: yeah. hello, he whined again. >> i understand the president must campaign, but he also has a job to too, while barack obama enjoys being a president he doesn't seem to want to do the work needed to be a president. >> stephanie: jim is right he is so whiny -- >> he is lazy he [ whining ] >> stephanie: i would give anything to have a little peak into mrs. preibus's world.
7:54 am
i'm sorry, dear what is wrong with the dinner again? >> it's too spicy i don't like spicy -- >> stephanie: i'm sorry collar on your shirt -- what was wrong -- >> [ whiny ] it's crooked. >> the whine is too sweet. >> germans like sweet wine. >> stephanie: and in bed there is nothing better than whiny. >> ahhhhh ahhhhh do me [ whiny ] >> i'm just not into right now. >> stephanie: i don't know how we got off on that -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: how did he get off on that?
7:55 am
>> i have no idea. >> stephanie: dean in pittsburgh, you are on the "stephanie miller show." how are you doing? >> caller: hi there. when eric boehlert was on he did say that president obama did respondent to some of mitt romney's lies but he didn't mention exactly which ones and i know there isn't enough time for me to go over all of them. but there were three that the president responded to directly after, the $716 billion medicare bs he contradicted romney pre-emptively on that. but the reason the press -- what the press is using as an excuse when they are saying obama didn't respond, it was because obama didn't say that's inaccurate governor romney. >> stephanie: because it was seven lies later. how many can he respond to next.
7:56 am
58 minutes after the hour. melissa fitzgerald joining us next on the "stephanie miller show."
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♪ ♪ the taste of her cherry chap stick ♪ ♪ i kissed a girl just to try it ♪ ♪ i hope my boyfriend don't mind
8:18 am
it ♪ >> i don't think so. >> stephanie: in my experience boyfriends don't mind. >> stephanie: she didn't swing this last night. she sang teenage dream. >> whatever. >> stephanie: i wanted "california girls." i wanted to melt somebody's pop sickle. >> i think she had to go with the most safe songs. >> oh yeah. >> stephanie: politically correct. >> "i kissed a girl" i don't think is her safest wrong. >> stephanie: no? the president is for marriage equality. trust me everyone is for hot girl on girl. even bill maher said that he said when we say we're not for
8:19 am
same-sex marriage yes don't mean the girls. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: this was kind of funny, right. it was jed -- the fictional president on west wing giving debate advise to president obama. >> and then will mcalvoy having his foot on romney's neck. >> stephanie: yeah. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you obviously are on a show that was skew left. but it is interesting, they kid me because i love the american president. but a lot of it is like we love these fictional presidents. but it is different in the real world. >> i can't imagine. who would want that job? >> stephanie: the president came very close to the i am
8:20 am
[ inaudible ] sheperd, he said i am president. i'm like yes! [ applause ] >> but he didn't say anything about eating sand. >> people want leadership mr. president -- >> and lipstick. >> stephanie: sand. >> they will crawl through the desert and when there is no water they'll drink the sand. >> people don't drink the sand >> lots and lots of sand. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they don't understand my love of fictional democratic presidents. >> i'm with you. >> stephanie: thank you. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: and ironically martin sheen played michael douglas's best friend in "american president." >> he is always great. >> stephanie: what is he
8:21 am
like-to-work with? >> he is the most wonderful, wonderful man, i couldn't love him more. he is a great human being. he is a great liberal. he is just a good person -- >> we heard him speak in downtown l.a. when bush was still president, and we're like why can't he be the president. [ laughter ] >> he is great. and he has been supportive of every project i have done. >> stephanie: you gave us your card at the dnc and i loved your title actor-vist. [ bell chimes ] >> i put it on my card because my friends are like teasing me you are an actor-vist. and i'm like i like that.
8:22 am
i went to [ inaudible ] and i was just horrified by what i saw. and shocked that i didn't know more about it. people were dieing in these camps at the height of the insurgency. at these displayed persons camps at a rate of a thousand a week. i'm like why does everybody not know about this? why don't i know about this? >> stephanie: because you are an actress and you are shallow. [ laughter ] >> when we were leaving one of the camps a man came up to me and he said please don't let us die in this horrible place. >> stephanie: yeah.% >> and i just felt like i had to
8:23 am
do that, and -- and there's a belief that people in america are good and when we hear about a problem, we do something about it, and that certainly has been my experience, and when i came back i decided wanted to spread the word. so i decided to make a documentary, but i also wanted to put something back in. i talked to one of my friends who is a great producer and david akards who worked with me on a project here in l.a. so we decided we'll take our l.a.-based mentoring theater program and take it on the road to northern uganda. so we did. >> stephanie: i have a very
8:24 am
prestigious degree from the university of california -- >> and what are you using it for? >> stephanie: this. i said to my brother, i want to join the peace corps. and he said what are you going to help them learn to act like they are not hungry. that is actually a very good joke. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> yeah, when we did the theater program it was really to give them a platform to share their voice with their community, and through our film hopefully with the world. >> stephanie: you are just awesome. we love you here. jim in an inappropriate way. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
8:25 am
vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> we were actually looking for a cheap miller but you're a sexy little trash, the second you started shaking the guys would drop dead. >> stephanie: all those years. >> look at all that that you're doing. >> stephanie: by the way, i'm not as good of a liar as mitt >> this is the lowest i have ever sunk and i once made out with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: oh, who hasn't. 34 minutes after the hour. >> someone posted let's celebrate columbus day by walking into someone's house and telling them we live here now. >> and here are some smallpox infected blankets. >> stephanie: enjoy. actress melissa fitzgerald is live in studio with us noted
8:30 am
actor-vist. >> yes. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: i have a celebrity stack in honor of you being here. >> fantastic. >> stephanie: she is like our white aisha tyler. smoking hot activist. >> thank you. i'm going to come here more often. >> oh, yes. >> stephanie: actor-vist martin sheen -- a lot of people have been talk about the racial code is not even the code anymore. >> it's disgraceful, and sununu should be embarrassed and prebus
8:31 am
should be embarrassed. >> stephanie: yeah. >> i think it's -- i honestly think they should be embarrassed and it is a disgrace. >> stephanie: yeah. >> they live in their little fox bubble when they can get away with saying any kind of racist crept they want. >> yeah. >> they don't live in the real world. >> yeah, i guess not. >> stephanie: somebody called the president -- he looks like a skinny crack head. i'm like really? >> i didn't hear that. >> stephanie: in fairness we did say that george bush looked like a chimp, which he does. >> stephanie: if you ever go to -- >> you are not helping.
8:32 am
>> we didn't even mean to make fun of him in that way. but i guess maybe need to do that because obama doesn't embarrass himself. >> same age as my mother. >> stephanie: this just in mark hamel, luke skywalker, mitt romney is a snake oil salesman who must be defeated. this snake oil salesman must be defeated. good for you. >> take him away. i don't have the right cup for that. >> no. >> stephanie: he is dark sided, mitt romney. >> certainly he lied a ton. >> stephanie: she is dark-sided too! she is not a christian!
8:33 am
>> stephanie: beyonce has a huge crush on president obama. >> and jay-z is none to happy with that. >> stephanie: jay-z thinks it cute as bugs teeth. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> all right. >> stephanie: they played that song all the women -- >> all the single ladies. >> stephanie: exactly. beyonce and a lot of other -- eva long goria -- >> eva longoria. >> stephanie: right. but a lot of people were speaking about how important this election is for women. >> you can't know the issues be a woman, and vote for mitt romney.
8:34 am
[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: the pointer sisters are pissed. >> about what? >> stephanie: they are pissed they never got an invite from president obama to sing at the white house, especially considering the song "yes we can can." >> stephanie: the president last night called earth wind and fire old school they might be a little old old school -- >> no they are the same vintage as earth wind and fire. >> stephanie: yeah. >> aren't they being a little grabby and demandy. >> stephanie: doing the neutron dance. don't get so excited. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: and final actor-vist we love. richard better who was just on the sow.
8:35 am
richard belzer expresses his ideological opposition to fox news, and he will reportedly not be invited back. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: he did a nazi salute directed at fox news. he told the anchors to say hiel so your colleagues -- [ laughter ]. >> i have friends that worked at 20th century fox, and they don't like being tied them fox news. >> stephanie: right. the president yesterday. >> obama: republicans need to start doing something to help the middle class get ahead. >> stephanie: i'm sure they are going to get right on this. oh, sorry, we have been so
8:36 am
unhelpful. can you believe there are job truthers now? >> i know. that is so sad. so ridiculous, and people like jack welsh. >> stephanie: yeah, jack welsh said it and then crazy allen west retweeted it and then it gets reported on fox news lots of people -- what? what? two crazy people? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yeah, we were saying it is ridiculous. i mean, how many people would have to be involved with that conspiracy theory -- >> but chris matthews called them out on it. it was a really great interview. >> stephanie: you have a little chris matthews crush. >> i do. >> i got tangle up my leg thinking about that. >> stephanie: he got an award from a gay organization, so i went to the event here in l.a.
8:37 am
so i run into him and he goes are you gay! and i'm like yes everyone has. >> and he has been on this show three times -- >> stephanie: yeah he misses stuff. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the president again. >> obama: congress needs to step up and pass my plan to pass a jobs corps. a few weeks ago republicans in the senate voted that plan down. ask them why somebody who fights for this country abroad should have to fight for a job when they come home. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: one more. >> obama: if we're going to keep this economy moving forward, there's no time for political games. >> stephanie: that's the thing how much farther we would have been ahead if we had gotten any
8:38 am
help at all. i think part of why this is happening is because the fed is taking action. >> yeah. >> stephanie: polls are tightening particularly in wisconsin it has tightens. obamaing only up by two points but obama is still more trusted on the economy, which is interesting. and the feign shift, and here is where you -- listen our little soldier, we need to deploy you. >> okay. >> stephanie: we need you in virginia and ohio -- yaw! >> stephanie: and nevada. >> i'm in. in wisconsin increase in republican enthusiasm. >> enthusiasm. >> stephanie: exactly. so it's all about turn out turn out turn out. >> yeah. and i think we needed this. i think we needed a little kick
8:39 am
in the pants, and i think we got it. er do feel more energized. >> stephanie: it was a little shake up it was like cartoon biers the next morning -- ] whistling. ] >> with that much money we should never ever let our guard down. >> stephanie: exactly. charles in california. >> caller: hi one thing that is missing is we need to call out so-called black republicans. >> stephanie: both of you people. i'm talking to you now. >> caller: they are sitting there like condoleezza rice, eva mcelsteel, and they know their party is wrong. they need to stop drinking the kool-aid and get engaged. and say i joined the party to
8:40 am
make a difference. >> stephanie: charles i don't think there are more than one black republican. i think it's larry elder in a bunch of different wigs. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. >> big momma's convention. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: what was that about -- was hilda actually on the phone? >> i will find out. >> stephanie: all right. we'll see. we have the remaining moments with actress moved actor-vist melissa fitzgerald, on the "stephanie miller show." >> and we'll be right back. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar.
8:41 am
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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:45 am
♪ there is -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ writing on the wall ♪ [ screaming ] >> stephanie: that was me losing my [ censor bleep ] last night. stevie! >> and dancing like a white girl. >> stephanie: yeah i just have a bounce. people behind me were like -- >> what is she doing? >> stephanie: i was partying with the potus last night in l.a. >> potus, my man! >> stephanie: that's what i said. [ applause ] >> you didn't go to the after-after party next door did you -- >> stephanie: no i did not pay
8:46 am
for the $50,000 -- >> but you did stay at the holiday inn express. >> stephanie: yes. [ laughter ] >> melissa fitzgerald in studio with us now in her knew series -- >> "chasing the hill." >> where can we find it? >> there is a website called wait for it [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: you have play someone running for congress and i told you i would vote for you in real life as well. mitt romney >> romney: [ inaudible ].
8:47 am
>> stephanie: okay. and as i have often said if my aunt had a [ censor bleep ] you would be any uncle. [ laughter ] [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: so he did this with his hands. i know the department of labor said 7.8. >> we could have asked hilda to leave. >> stephanie: hilda on line 9. what do you think the job numbers -- >> yeah, we'll get her on. >> stephanie: mitt romney proposed -- he pulled something new out of his ass. he said he would cap the amount of tax deductions that could be claimed at $17,000. still doesn't make the math
8:48 am
work. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: i wonder who will show up to debate next week. >> and his answer will probably be how do you get those numbers? magic. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: all right. joann in south dakota. hi, joanne. >> caller: he low stephanie. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i want to give you a little history education. >> stephanie: oh. okay. >> caller: this has been compared to the great depression, that depression lasted 12 years, and there was 25% unemployment. fdr hired 12 million people with the help of republicans. he created social security the unemployment insurance deal and he taxed corporations at 94%,
8:49 am
and the wealthy singulars at 91%. those rates basically stayed pretty close to the same until reagan started demolishing our economy and our -- >> stephanie: that's right. and it's doubling down on trickle down. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you for that. she went to the university of pennsylvania. she knew all of that. [ laughter ] >> i was on the math team in school. >> stephanie: oh. you are really a bigger geek thank thought. >> huge. >> stephanie: wow. >> yikes. >> what do you do on a math team? >> it was short lived because i went to a teeny all-girl's school -- >> full of teeny girls? >> no i was the tallest. but there were 33 girls in my class so we didn't really have enough -- we went to a few meets and that was it. >> what do you do at a math
8:50 am
meet? >> obviously you solve problems -- >> do you have cheerleaders? >> no we played the sport ourselves. >> stephanie: yeah, jim. now i have the same question what do you do at a math meet. >> you solve problems. and they time you, and that's it -- >> stephanie: this seems like fun for what reason? >> no, it wasn't that fun. i thought it was a good idea and i liked math, and i went and then i looked around and realize not my people. >> i am sure it would look good on a college application. >> i don't think i have ever put it anywhere. >> stephanie: that's what landed her the roll on the show.
8:51 am
>> that's right. >> stephanie: mittens wouldn't have even made my eighth great math theme. barbara you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi. i am so happy to be on your show, because i recently discovered it, and i get up early every morning to listen it to. >> stephanie: oh good. i'm glad. >> caller: my husband and i were listening to the debate and we thought that president obama acted like a president should act. we did not want him to dissolve into a nothingless debate with romney who appeared to be high on something. he was very -- it was very hard to watch -- >> stephanie: yeah he was manic. >> caller: and i thought about him interacting with world leaders, and i thought he would
8:52 am
not be a very good person -- >> stephanie: i think he could panic netenyahu into punching buttons. >> yeah. and he wants to start a war with russia. we have no manned space program anymore. >> stephanie: yeah. >> we would have to hitch a ride. >> stephanie: yeah. barbara in pennsylvania you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, everybody. this is great. i recently discovered you, and just a couple of points because i know we're coming to the end. i retired from the employee and insurance environment after 35 years last year, and i'll tell you, it just angers me completely when i listen to the republicans talk about healthcare reform. they know nothing -- because i was a compliance geek for all of those years -- >> stephanie: anybody that knows
8:53 am
anything about insurance -- by the way you have to comfort that child -- >> caller: that is my cat protesting mittens. >> stephanie: oh, all right. it's assumed it was a child crying over the death of big bird. melissa fitzgerald what an honor. look at her film on uganda. what a delight. now that you are a home slice, come hang out here in captain america's underpants. >> i would love it. >> stephanie: that's it for us. i would like to thanks chris lavoie, jim ward, tee bone, jacki and everybody back at the current control room. we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:54 am
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